"Public Servants work for you, not the other way around."
~Julie Fisher

Julie Fisher
For Mesa County Clerk & Recorder

No Politics Just Service

It has been my mission to train staff to go above and beyond to help customers while staying within the boundaries of statute.  I hope to carry on my vision of “No Politics, just service” as your Mesa County Clerk and Recorder in 2022!

Accountability. Experience. Dedication to Service

Julie Fisher for Mesa County Clerk & Recorder Sepia Tone Photo of Julie Reading a Book

25+ Years of Service to Mesa County, Adams County, and San Diego County

I helped create the DRIVES system that’s responsible for statewide shorter wait times at the DMV. I put my heart into the creation and implementation of this system and am very proud of what we accomplished as a team for the state. So many more things can be done online without ever having to step foot in the office. I will use that experience to further streamline the process for even shorter wait times here in Mesa County.

16 Elections

I’ve worked on 16 elections and am committed to ensuring quick and accurate results. It is my mission to train staff to handle elections to the letter of the law. There is no room for error or bending of the rules for anyone. Security, excellent training, and organization is the key to a smooth-running election.